My 5 Fashion Loves this Week

Oh Pinterest! My procrastination station. “Just one more pin and then I’ll do something.” “Just one more hit!” To say Pinterest is addictive is an understatement and I’m pretty sure you will agree with me. It’s the little devil on my shoulder when it comes to my shopping habit too. But I do love it. I find it is a great source of inspiration for many things in my life, from fashion to baking to illustration.

Do you find that you get a look, or an item of clothing on the brain and before you know it you notice that your last 10 pins are all based on that item. Well here are a few looks/items in the fashion world that I’m loving at the moment and I thought I would share. The rain may be crashing down on us but I can’t help but stare off out of the window and dream of the approaching summer……

1. Pom Pom Shorts

I fell in love with these last year but struggled to find them in the shops until now. Who doesn’t love a good clothing item with a few pom poms here and there. Why just a few, why not line your shorts with them?! I have just purchased a watermelon print pair from ASOS, which are lined with these fuzzy balls of fun. I will have to take some pictures soon to show you all. I think the idea is super cute and I have seen a lot of pairs around that are made up of really gorgeous prints.

pom pom shorts
pom pom shorts2


2. Unusual necklaces

This isn’t just a new love for me. I have always been attracted to the unusual when it come to jewelry in general, but a good statement necklace can really add something to a plain top or dress. They catch people’s eyes and I like that idea. I found these beauties of Pinterest and love their simplicity but quirkiness.


The dangley legs on the flamingo necklace makes me laugh, especially the detail of having one leg slightly shorter than the other to make it appear as though its resting. This is sadly just a dream necklace for me as it is $265. wow! But I wonder if there are any similar copies out there?! I shall have to keep my eyes peeled for one.

Deer antler necklaces have been around for a while now but I still can’t help but take a fancy to them. They create such interesting shapes.

I adore the idea of this minimalist compass style necklace as I have a slight fear of getting lost. Stupid I know, I’ve had it since I was little. This improved slightly after 6 weeks of travelling in S.E.Asia but it’s still there.

3. Kimonos

OMG these are just the most beautiful things. White tshirt and jeans…add a colourful kimono and BAM, mega stylish outfit! I took to these last year and managed to get two MAJOR Topshop bargains on eBay last spring for that summer. I wore them a lot and I’m so glad to see they have become very fashionable this summer! They are everywhere in the shops and I have to admit that I did buy one more recently to add to my collection. It’s been hard to resist all the gorgeous patterns, but I think three is enough for one girl. Well for one girl who is supposed to be saving anyway, you guys, knock yourselves out with them. I may do a little photo shoot with mine soon, so keep an eye out.


4. Pointed pumps

The summer arrives, the temperature rises slightly (even if it is just for a couple of days, just to lure you into a false sense of security) and suddenly you are hit with the dilemma. Your feet are still in winter mode. Your toenails aren’t painted and all you seem to have in decent condition are boots. Is it warm enough for sandals yet? That’s why I’m loving the look of these pointed ballet flats. I’m not a major fan of the rounded ballet flats, only because they remind me of the shoes I used to wear to school many moons ago. These pointed ones seem a bit more stylish and are still toe hiding friendly. I’m on a major hunt for these bad boys at the moment, with wide feet and a size 7 it can be difficult. Yes I have big feet to match my big hands HA HA.

mint pumps

I think these striped ones are in New Look down the road from my office so I may have to have a cheeky lunch time shopping peruse. Shhhh! Mmmm I forgot my fella follows my blog, so no hiding my shopping habits. My feet need them :p

5. Oversized knitted cardigans

Ok so they are slightly similar to the whole kimono love but I seem to always run cold and these come in handy. Even in the summer time, as soon as the sun hides behind a singular lone cloud, or when the sun starts to descend in the sky, I get that chill. I do really like the idea of a comfy oversized knit thrown over a cute summery dress or over a strappy top and shorts. Just a little something to cover your shoulders and take the edge off the breeze. I find them a bit edgier than a tight fitted waist length cardigan. I recently purchased a staple black one from H&M the other day that I can’t get enough of. It goes with everything and is so so comfy and warm. I wouldn’t mind getting a paler creamy colour one to go with more neutral toned outfits.



So these are my 5 fashion loves for the week. These images are from my Pinterest board so I can’t take credit for any of them, however I shall list their locations below in case you are interested in having a browse. What 5 fashion loves are you repeatedly pinning at the moment?


Right I better get on with the houseworrrrr….pin…….oooo pin that….


Palm Leaf Pom Pom Shorts – Handmade to order from Etsy

Black and White Pom Pom Shorts – Image source from

Flamingo Pendant Gold Necklace – Can be purchased from

Deer Antlers Necklace – Sourced from

Compass Necklace – Souced from

Green Floral Kimono – Sadly sold out but you can find a lot of similar ones around. This particular one is from

White Floral Kimono – No Source Found

Mint Green Pumps – Sourced from

Black and White Striped Pumps- Can be found at New Look for £15.99 – don’t be buying up all the size 7’s please hehe

All the beautiful pumps – These can be bought from for $21.20 each

Beige Cardigan – Sourced from

Pair of Cardigans – For the life of me I can not find the image on my Pinterest board again. Ha ha there’s so many! Sorry






Violet and Orange Geometric Nail Design

Hey there,

These big hands are back for another nail art post. This was supposed to be done yesterday but Saturday night me and the fella decided to have a port and cheese night. Well I definitely did end up chatting a lot of breeze and ate a hell of a lot of cheese! So my head was feeling a little bit fuzzy to do my nail art that day. However, it is Bank Holiday Monday and I am between shows at work so free day for me, woop woop! So here it is.

The colour polishes I was using today are from Seventeen’s Lasting Finish Candy collection. There is a lot of beautiful pastel colours out in the stores at the moment. With the weather being so grey outside, what better way to brighten up the day with some summery nails.


The base colour for today is called ‘Parma Violet’ and is this wonderfully soft purple hue, which just screams Spring/Summer to me. I find that these Lasting Fix polishes go on a bit streaky but do not worry, once you have finished with that coat, it seems to settle to create this perfectly smooth layer. Even without a top coat, the finish on these polishes are effortlessly shiny, giving off a nice professional finish.

Now when I am planning on adding tape to my nails for my finishing pattern I find that I have to leave my base colour alone for a couple of hours, just to make sure that it is properly set. I’ve had times where I’ve been impatient and when removing the tape it has taken big chunks out of my beautiful base colour. I’m still searching for the best technique for nail taping as I used masking tape today and even after removing a lot of the stickiness before applying to my nails, I still was left with a bit of tape residue. I will keep you updated on my tape technique when I find the perfect method. Still, masking tape did the job today.

I cut small strips of the masking tape and pressed my fingers across them to get rid of most of the stickiness. You want to try and apply it as flat to the nail as possible so that none of the top colour leaks underneath. I applied Seventeen’s ‘Orange Soda’ for my geometric french manicure. At first you might think these two colours together are a little off, but the orange has a soft pastel pop to it. It’s not quite the larey luminous orange and really compliments the violet. Pop your feet up, get someone to make you a cuppa (It’s ok to use the “oh go on, my nails are drying” excuse) and enjoy the peace as you let your top colour dry completely. Carefully remove the tape once this is so. Sometimes I’m left with a slight ridge where the colour has built up next to the tape, but a good coat of clear on top will smooth this out no problem. Here is how my nail design turned out.



Excuse the rain drops on my nails in the first two pictures, the hazard of outdoor photography in Britain. You can create this style with a multitude of colours. From light complimentary colours, to two bold clashing polishes, even a diagonal hit of glitter will work. Go on, give it a try 🙂

I did buy these polishes last year so sadly I can only find them on eBay now. However there is a lot of other brands at the moment that have gorgeous pastel and candy coloured collections, so here are a few that you can take a peak at.

Models Own’s Fruit Pastel collection. They have the colours ‘Grape Juice’ and ‘Strawberry Tart’ which are similar to the ones I have. – £4 each

Barry M’s Nail Paint collection also have similar colours with ‘Berry Ice Cream’ and ‘Peach Melba’ – £2 each

Seventeen’s Lasting Fix Nail Colour in ‘Clear’ – £2.99 My go to top coat at the moment.


Hope you have enjoyed this summery design.


Snap Happy

Me, my fella and a group of our good friends decided to brave the chill of a Sunday afternoon and venture to the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition down at Somerset House. Yep back to Somerset house again, which is always a pleasure.


All of us have been trying to use our DSLRs a lot more and thought this would help spark the imagination on future themes. I do love a good photography exhibition. I studied photography during my Art Foundation using an old school manual SLR, which we had to develop ourselves in a dark room. Definitely something I’d recommend trying at least once if you love taking photos! However, I haven’t quite mastered the digital kind yet.

The weak area of my pictures that I need to work on is definitely the composition side of things. At this exhibition it gave me a good opportunity to see how other people use composition in their work. Each used differently to help portray their messages through their photos. Each area had a theme with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners. This was my favourite piece from this part of the exhibition:


This was a series called ‘Wet Dog’ by Sophie Gamand. She captured these cute pooches during bath time as they wiggled, shook and dripped out of the groomer’s wet grasp. I love how she has caught them looking so vulnerable in their wet states. Each one looking disheveled and slightly confused by the situation. The breeds’ identities seen to have been removed now that their distinctive manes have been drenched.


This one was my favourite out of the series as it reminded me of my fella’s dog Lily who lives with his parents. She come and stays with us sometimes and she makes an awesome photography model. Im sure to blog about her soon. The look on this dog’s face just cracks me up.

The second half of the exhibition was on the other side of Somerset house. I preferred this side as the worked was laid out a lot nicer. It seemed to flow a lot more than the first half, which made viewing more pleasurable. Amazingly this part of exhibition is open to all amateur photographers and I think that is also part of the reason why I enjoyed this stuff more. It was more relate able, a chance that it could have been your work up there. As me and my friends have been doing monthly photo competitions between us ( see my Motion Photography post) we decided to make the future themes ones that are in the competition. This would give us all a chance of producing work that we could enter. How amazing it would be to get your work displayed in an actual gallery for everyone to view! That would be one thing ticked off the old bucket list.

I think we all thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition and I would highly recommend it for a quiet Sunday afternoon. It’s sadly finished now but hopefully it will be returning early next year. The tickets were only £7.50 and I think that’s a bargain with the amount of work to view.

In the evening we all gathered at our friend’s flat, got our other friend on Skype (she is from Toronto) and we all cast our votes for the winner of that month’s photography category: ‘motion’. As me and the fella didn’t get any votes between us last month, we worked extra hard and managed to come 1st as 2nd!!! Yay!!!!

And the winner was…my fella 😀

A well deserved win. All the photos were awesome this month, it was hard to choose! Next month: self portrait. Ooo I have so many ideas. This should be interesting because this is a theme where you don’t have to rely on nature or objects, you are in control of the subject…yourself. I have just purchased a wireless remote for my canon 550D so that should come in handy.

For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.

– Henri Cartier-Bresson

Until next time



Big Hands, Big…Nails

Finally it feels like summer has arrived in foggy London town. I decided to sit out on my roof terrace today and paint my nails ready for the working week. I thought the sun would help dry them a lot quicker than usual. I get quite impatient when it comes to the drying aspect of things and often smudge them in haste.
I’m lucky enough to take after my mum in the nail department. We both have long slender fingers and large long nails. These long fingers came in handy playing the piano when I was younger, the nails not so much, as the tapping of the keys was a big No No in my teacher’s eyes. They are giant canvases and they’re fun to paint. My fella thinks I have hands like those giant foam fingers you see at baseball matches. The cheek! OK OK so my hands and long fingers usually over stretch the tallest of boys’ hands but as they say: “big hands, big…nails!” Right?
My nail polish collection is rather large and I’m excited that I’m going to get more use out of them all. Every week I’m going to try to do a new nail design and blog about it on here. Some may just be simple colours to reflect my mood on that day, others will be more adventurous and creative, so stay tuned.
Today I’ve done a simple deep blue with splashes of gold and light pink glitter flakes. I probably should have gone for a more summary colour, but I really wanted to try out my new Barry M Aquarium Collection glitter polish. This one I’ve used is called ‘Treasure Chest‘. I thought this would show up great against a dark rich background colour. For this base I have used Barry M’s Nail Paint in ‘Indigo‘.
Today's choice of colours

Today’s choice of colours

Once my clear base coat had dried, I applied two even coats of my background colour. I tend to do two coats on one hand and allow this to dry before I attempt to paint my right hand :-/. As I’m a little bit wobbly using my left hand, I find that allowing that polish to dry helps me avoid smudging the fresh colour.  Once both sets of nails had dried I dived in with the glitter. Here I have splashed it onto the lower halves of my nails for just a hint of sparkle. You can also just add it to the tips to create another nice effect. I often do this style with glitter polish to add another dimension to just a plain colour coat.
Once the glitter had dried, I applied a clear top coat to keep all the pieces in place and to help it last a working week of keyboard tapping/cocktail drinking/xbox playing. Here I have used Seventeen’s Lasting Fix Nail Colour in ‘Clear’
Ooo pretty

Ooo pretty

sparkle sparkle

sparkle sparkle

Why not give this a go. It’s simple to do, but so effective.

Seventeen’s Lasting Fix Nail Colour in ‘Clear’ – £2.99 – Sorry I can’t find a link for this, but it can be purchased from Boots Stores.

Hope you have enjoyed my first beauty blog post.


A Sunday Afternoon Pick Me Up


A couple of Sundays ago I headed to Somerset house for the contemporary graphics art festival ‘Pick Me Up’. This fun and funky exhibition was displaying graphic design in all it’s forms, from illustrations and prints to small sculptures and clothing designs. Print making is one thing I would love love love to try to get good at. How amazing to have your work admired, bought and displayed on people’s walls at home.

The great thing about this exhibition was that all the pieces were for sale at affordable prices. You could buy small prints from £20 up to a couple of hundred. This was a very exciting notion, wandering round knowing that if there was a piece that I loved and it wasn’t already taken I might be able to take it home with me.

I’ve sat in the courtyard of Somerset house before for an outdoor cinema before but never actually been inside. This was a perfect venue for this show. Different rooms and levels were available to wander round, each artist or printing house having their own dedicated area. The whole exhibition flowed effortlessly between two levels. Looking at the work I was so jealous of their skills. The clean prints, the amazing character designs. I really need to get my sketch book out more. It was inspiring! I need to practice, at the moment my designs don’t seem to match what I have in my head.

Now I have a bit of a thing about cats…in a good way. I’ve always loved cats since I was younger and I do have a gorgeous ginger tom called Milo, grumpy but oh so gorgeous. When we turned the corner I was faced with a wall printed with a giant cat illustration, and mounted on this was smaller limited edition prints by Jessica Das.


Hello Kitty


Cat Island Print

My eyes wide, I seemed to float towards this display. There was this cool print called ‘Cat Island’ awww the place where dreams are made of. It was a limited edition of 1. There was also another large print made up of cat and monkey designs of blues, reds and yellows. The choice of colours were bold but they just worked! Sadly this was £350, quite a bit out of my price range. I noticed stickers next to all her pieces of work. A sign that she had sold everything. How amazing!

Upstairs we found, housed in individual rooms, cutting-edge collectives and graphic art galleries. They had each curated their own studio space full of new and existing work from their artists. These were my favourite spaces. From quotes to character designs to logos, all surrounded by quirky props and sometimes even music.

Green Tiger by Lesley Barnes

Green Tiger by Lesley Barnes

As I wandered around the ‘Unlimited‘ room, I found myself stood in front of it. When I say “it” I mean…the one! The most fantastic print EVER! I just stood there staring. It was a limited edition print called ‘Thunder Kitty’ by Chloe Batchelor. The cat looked just like my Milo who often does this pose when he jumps out on you and then runs away. I was also a fan of Thundercats when I was younger. It just made me giggle and I know it’s going to make me smile every time I look at it at home.

Thunder Kitty

Thunder Kitty

They didn’t have any in stock with them but as soon as I got outside and got 4G I ordered it from their shop in Brighton. I shall take a picture once I have it all framed and on the wall in my flat. It does mean I will have to force myself to cycle to work for the next couple of weeks to make the money back, ah but it is so worth it!

I would definitely recommend going to this exhibition once it comes back to Somerset house next year. Even if you’re not looking for any art for yourself, it’s well worth just having a look around. The small personal feel to the place and the fun contemporary work was a breath of fresh air compared to the larger, more stereotypical art galleries that I have been to before. A brilliant Sunday out in London.

Here are the links to the artists and the galleries that I have mentioned in this post in case you want to check them out or buy anything for yourself.

Enjoy browsing 🙂


Godzilla 2014


Last night I was lucky enough to go to the cast and crew screening of Gareth Edward’s new film Godzilla. I spent 5 months producing crowd simulations for this and was so excited to see the final product. At work we are only given the shots that we will be producing FX for, so it is always a wonderful experience to see the film as a whole.

Because this was a preview screening I am not allowed to go into detail about the film’s content, however I can say this… I loved it! It was an action packed film filled with amazing fx done by my fellow fx artists along with another fx house. Hats off to the other fx company who did the final 3rd of the film. The interaction between the smoke, destruction and characters was very well done.

The film was edited down nicely and the story flowed effortlessly  from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend as one to go and see. I really enjoyed the scenes with Bryan Cranston in as well, he is one talented actor. The story line isn’t overly complicated, which I think was a good decision. You get to concentrate on the characters, both human and creature and their interactions with each other and their environments.

The thing I love most about cast and crew screening is once the film has finished and the credits start to roll, everyone sits there and applauds everyone’s hard work. Nobody gets up and leaves, we all sit there and acknowledge the huge list of people who have given up some of their weekends days, a lot of evenings, every bank holiday and put all their efforts into getting their shots done to the best of their ability.

We were also so lucky to have a small Q&A session with the Director after the credits had finished. It was his first time directing a big budget film and it must have been strange for him being up there, as he spent 15 years of his career as an fx artist. I think job well done.

During post production, he sent us all these ‘Friends of Janjira’ support bands. He had similar ‘fake’ charity bands for his last film ‘Monsters’ and had them made for all of us as well as the onset team as a sign of solidarity, supporting ‘victims of JanJira’ in the movie. It’s was a sweet idea.


It will be out in cinemas in the UK May 15th. Hope you enjoy 😀



Motion Photography

After visiting the National Geographic Photography Exhibition last year, me and a group of friends were so inspired that we decided to create our own monthly competition. We felt that having the pressure of friendly rivalry and monthly deadlines would push us to really think about our own photography and force us to find new ways to utilise our cameras. At the end of the first month’s competition: Animals, it was a tie between Luke and Ellie. With their beautiful entries they were entitled to pick April’s theme. They chose motion.

Me and the man decided to wait until mid night to venture out to the massive common next to our flat. Sparklers, cameras and glow sticks in hand, we were armed and ready for some creative work. The man chose to use the idea of light and sparklers to capture some impressive work. Long exposures of spun sparklers and cautious running round a large tree trunk. All while being careful not to draw too much drunken attention to ourselves.

I attempted to do a few glow stick long exposures in a children’s playground but after my head had a run in with a roofed slide I took myself, my man and my growing head bump back to the flat to continue.

Slide 1 – MooFace 0

So this is my entry for this month’s competition. I call this “Cloaked Figures”


Cloaked Figures


Oooo I hope I win!!

This was another one I produced, which was a close contender. I love the simplicity of the lines as they stand out from the darkness.


The Lines


We will definitely be trying again with these materials for some long exposures. We have some more ideas in mind! That’s whats so great about these monthly competitions, they just inspire you to do more.

– MooFace –


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