Date Night at Bubbledogs

Now that our shows at work had died down, the fella and I decided it was about time we treated ourselves to a date night. We wanted to go somewhere a little different for dinner and was recommended Bubbledogs on Charlotte Street. This restaurant serves the unlikely coupling of gourmet hotdogs and champagne. This sounded right up our street so got our glad rags on and hit the tube.

It was a place that we had cycled past many times before but we just hadn’t been aware of it. With its simplistic sign and minimalistic front, it takes a second glance through the window before you notice the hustle and bustle and clinking of glasses.



We were originally told it would be an hour wait but luckily we were sitting down within 15 minutes. If you want a date venue that enables you and your other half to have a private intimate dinner then this is not the place for you. You will probably find yourself sharing your evening with another pair, but this didn’t put us off in the slightest. The close tables adds a great social element to this modern venue. Wood clad walls and exposed lightbulbs gives the place great mood lighting as we gazed over our clipboard menus. Whilst standing in the queue I had already eyed up a few potential winning dishes from the big blackboard behind the bar. From plain style hotdogs, to a beef chili dogs to our chosen dish for the night….THE MAC DADDY. A hot dog covered in gooey macaroni and cheese, finished off with crispy bacon bits. Sounded like heaven! Along with this we ordered sides of tots and sweet potato fries. As we waited for our gourmet mains to arrive we quenched our thirst with a glass of Raventos Blanc, De Nit Rose 2011. I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about champagne, but the rose took my fancy and I was pleased with my choice. It was lovely and light with a nice fruity finish. There is a nice selection that you can order by the glass along with many pages of fine champagnes by the bottle, all seemed reasonably priced. If you’re not one for champagne they also serve other beverages to accommodate all taste buds.


As we toasted our evening the waitress suddenly appeared with red baskets containing our chosen dishes. My eyes lit up at the site of the sheer amount of macaroni and cheese blanketing the sausage.

lovefoodI have to admit we were both a little disappointed that our gourmet hotdogs weren’t a little more gourmet. We originally assumed they would be proper meaty chunky sausages rather than the thinner traditional wieners that we had in front of us. We also assumed the macaroni and cheese would have been a richer, thicker style, but the cheese was more the kind you find on nachos. It was such a contrast from the champagne we had been sipping but I guess that is the point of the place. Never the less it still smelled gorgeous and we were still excited to tuck in.

photo2And we weren’t let down by the food! Oh my god you have to get the tots. Gorgeous little morsels of hash browns. I found myself dipping them into the mac and cheese, which was amazing. What doesn’t taste amazing when dipped in gooey cheese?! I have to say it was very difficult to eat this meal like a lady. I had cheese, pasta and bacon bits going everywhere and we were constantly worried we had cheese on our noses but it was worth the mess. As we chatted between mouthfuls and sipped on bubbles I sat there content in what was turning out to be a really lovely evening.

We finished off our final drinks at the bar to make room for the growing queue outside. As we queried the various concoctions behind the bar, the staff were more than happy to answer us. All the staff were upbeat and helpful, I find that makes such a difference when you go out for a meal. There is nothing worse than being served by a grumpy, mute waiter/ess.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who would like to try something a little different. I’m going to have to pop back at some point, even as a cheeky lunch time treat to try out the other styles of hotdogs there. Thank you bubbledogs, until next time.


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