Motion Photography

After visiting the National Geographic Photography Exhibition last year, me and a group of friends were so inspired that we decided to create our own monthly competition. We felt that having the pressure of friendly rivalry and monthly deadlines would push us to really think about our own photography and force us to find new ways to utilise our cameras. At the end of the first month’s competition: Animals, it was a tie between Luke and Ellie. With their beautiful entries they were entitled to pick April’s theme. They chose motion.

Me and the man decided to wait until mid night to venture out to the massive common next to our flat. Sparklers, cameras and glow sticks in hand, we were armed and ready for some creative work. The man chose to use the idea of light and sparklers to capture some impressive work. Long exposures of spun sparklers and cautious running round a large tree trunk. All while being careful not to draw too much drunken attention to ourselves.

I attempted to do a few glow stick long exposures in a children’s playground but after my head had a run in with a roofed slide I took myself, my man and my growing head bump back to the flat to continue.

Slide 1 – MooFace 0

So this is my entry for this month’s competition. I call this “Cloaked Figures”


Cloaked Figures


Oooo I hope I win!!

This was another one I produced, which was a close contender. I love the simplicity of the lines as they stand out from the darkness.


The Lines


We will definitely be trying again with these materials for some long exposures. We have some more ideas in mind! That’s whats so great about these monthly competitions, they just inspire you to do more.

– MooFace –


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