Godzilla 2014


Last night I was lucky enough to go to the cast and crew screening of Gareth Edward’s new film Godzilla. I spent 5 months producing crowd simulations for this and was so excited to see the final product. At work we are only given the shots that we will be producing FX for, so it is always a wonderful experience to see the film as a whole.

Because this was a preview screening I am not allowed to go into detail about the film’s content, however I can say this… I loved it! It was an action packed film filled with amazing fx done by my fellow fx artists along with another fx house. Hats off to the other fx company who did the final 3rd of the film. The interaction between the smoke, destruction and characters was very well done.

The film was edited down nicely and the story flowed effortlessly  from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend as one to go and see. I really enjoyed the scenes with Bryan Cranston in as well, he is one talented actor. The story line isn’t overly complicated, which I think was a good decision. You get to concentrate on the characters, both human and creature and their interactions with each other and their environments.

The thing I love most about cast and crew screening is once the film has finished and the credits start to roll, everyone sits there and applauds everyone’s hard work. Nobody gets up and leaves, we all sit there and acknowledge the huge list of people who have given up some of their weekends days, a lot of evenings, every bank holiday and put all their efforts into getting their shots done to the best of their ability.

We were also so lucky to have a small Q&A session with the Director after the credits had finished. It was his first time directing a big budget film and it must have been strange for him being up there, as he spent 15 years of his career as an fx artist. I think job well done.

During post production, he sent us all these ‘Friends of Janjira’ support bands. He had similar ‘fake’ charity bands for his last film ‘Monsters’ and had them made for all of us as well as the onset team as a sign of solidarity, supporting ‘victims of JanJira’ in the movie. It’s was a sweet idea.


It will be out in cinemas in the UK May 15th. Hope you enjoy 😀




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