Big Hands, Big…Nails

Finally it feels like summer has arrived in foggy London town. I decided to sit out on my roof terrace today and paint my nails ready for the working week. I thought the sun would help dry them a lot quicker than usual. I get quite impatient when it comes to the drying aspect of things and often smudge them in haste.
I’m lucky enough to take after my mum in the nail department. We both have long slender fingers and large long nails. These long fingers came in handy playing the piano when I was younger, the nails not so much, as the tapping of the keys was a big No No in my teacher’s eyes. They are giant canvases and they’re fun to paint. My fella thinks I have hands like those giant foam fingers you see at baseball matches. The cheek! OK OK so my hands and long fingers usually over stretch the tallest of boys’ hands but as they say: “big hands, big…nails!” Right?
My nail polish collection is rather large and I’m excited that I’m going to get more use out of them all. Every week I’m going to try to do a new nail design and blog about it on here. Some may just be simple colours to reflect my mood on that day, others will be more adventurous and creative, so stay tuned.
Today I’ve done a simple deep blue with splashes of gold and light pink glitter flakes. I probably should have gone for a more summary colour, but I really wanted to try out my new Barry M Aquarium Collection glitter polish. This one I’ve used is called ‘Treasure Chest‘. I thought this would show up great against a dark rich background colour. For this base I have used Barry M’s Nail Paint in ‘Indigo‘.
Today's choice of colours

Today’s choice of colours

Once my clear base coat had dried, I applied two even coats of my background colour. I tend to do two coats on one hand and allow this to dry before I attempt to paint my right hand :-/. As I’m a little bit wobbly using my left hand, I find that allowing that polish to dry helps me avoid smudging the fresh colour.  Once both sets of nails had dried I dived in with the glitter. Here I have splashed it onto the lower halves of my nails for just a hint of sparkle. You can also just add it to the tips to create another nice effect. I often do this style with glitter polish to add another dimension to just a plain colour coat.
Once the glitter had dried, I applied a clear top coat to keep all the pieces in place and to help it last a working week of keyboard tapping/cocktail drinking/xbox playing. Here I have used Seventeen’s Lasting Fix Nail Colour in ‘Clear’
Ooo pretty

Ooo pretty

sparkle sparkle

sparkle sparkle

Why not give this a go. It’s simple to do, but so effective.

Seventeen’s Lasting Fix Nail Colour in ‘Clear’ – £2.99 – Sorry I can’t find a link for this, but it can be purchased from Boots Stores.

Hope you have enjoyed my first beauty blog post.



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