Snap Happy

Me, my fella and a group of our good friends decided to brave the chill of a Sunday afternoon and venture to the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition down at Somerset House. Yep back to Somerset house again, which is always a pleasure.


All of us have been trying to use our DSLRs a lot more and thought this would help spark the imagination on future themes. I do love a good photography exhibition. I studied photography during my Art Foundation using an old school manual SLR, which we had to develop ourselves in a dark room. Definitely something I’d recommend trying at least once if you love taking photos! However, I haven’t quite mastered the digital kind yet.

The weak area of my pictures that I need to work on is definitely the composition side of things. At this exhibition it gave me a good opportunity to see how other people use composition in their work. Each used differently to help portray their messages through their photos. Each area had a theme with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners. This was my favourite piece from this part of the exhibition:


This was a series called ‘Wet Dog’ by Sophie Gamand. She captured these cute pooches during bath time as they wiggled, shook and dripped out of the groomer’s wet grasp. I love how she has caught them looking so vulnerable in their wet states. Each one looking disheveled and slightly confused by the situation. The breeds’ identities seen to have been removed now that their distinctive manes have been drenched.


This one was my favourite out of the series as it reminded me of my fella’s dog Lily who lives with his parents. She come and stays with us sometimes and she makes an awesome photography model. Im sure to blog about her soon. The look on this dog’s face just cracks me up.

The second half of the exhibition was on the other side of Somerset house. I preferred this side as the worked was laid out a lot nicer. It seemed to flow a lot more than the first half, which made viewing more pleasurable. Amazingly this part of exhibition is open to all amateur photographers and I think that is also part of the reason why I enjoyed this stuff more. It was more relate able, a chance that it could have been your work up there. As me and my friends have been doing monthly photo competitions between us ( see my Motion Photography post) we decided to make the future themes ones that are in the competition. This would give us all a chance of producing work that we could enter. How amazing it would be to get your work displayed in an actual gallery for everyone to view! That would be one thing ticked off the old bucket list.

I think we all thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition and I would highly recommend it for a quiet Sunday afternoon. It’s sadly finished now but hopefully it will be returning early next year. The tickets were only £7.50 and I think that’s a bargain with the amount of work to view.

In the evening we all gathered at our friend’s flat, got our other friend on Skype (she is from Toronto) and we all cast our votes for the winner of that month’s photography category: ‘motion’. As me and the fella didn’t get any votes between us last month, we worked extra hard and managed to come 1st as 2nd!!! Yay!!!!

And the winner was…my fella 😀

A well deserved win. All the photos were awesome this month, it was hard to choose! Next month: self portrait. Ooo I have so many ideas. This should be interesting because this is a theme where you don’t have to rely on nature or objects, you are in control of the subject…yourself. I have just purchased a wireless remote for my canon 550D so that should come in handy.

For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.

– Henri Cartier-Bresson

Until next time




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