Violet and Orange Geometric Nail Design

Hey there,

These big hands are back for another nail art post. This was supposed to be done yesterday but Saturday night me and the fella decided to have a port and cheese night. Well I definitely did end up chatting a lot of breeze and ate a hell of a lot of cheese! So my head was feeling a little bit fuzzy to do my nail art that day. However, it is Bank Holiday Monday and I am between shows at work so free day for me, woop woop! So here it is.

The colour polishes I was using today are from Seventeen’s Lasting Finish Candy collection. There is a lot of beautiful pastel colours out in the stores at the moment. With the weather being so grey outside, what better way to brighten up the day with some summery nails.


The base colour for today is called ‘Parma Violet’ and is this wonderfully soft purple hue, which just screams Spring/Summer to me. I find that these Lasting Fix polishes go on a bit streaky but do not worry, once you have finished with that coat, it seems to settle to create this perfectly smooth layer. Even without a top coat, the finish on these polishes are effortlessly shiny, giving off a nice professional finish.

Now when I am planning on adding tape to my nails for my finishing pattern I find that I have to leave my base colour alone for a couple of hours, just to make sure that it is properly set. I’ve had times where I’ve been impatient and when removing the tape it has taken big chunks out of my beautiful base colour. I’m still searching for the best technique for nail taping as I used masking tape today and even after removing a lot of the stickiness before applying to my nails, I still was left with a bit of tape residue. I will keep you updated on my tape technique when I find the perfect method. Still, masking tape did the job today.

I cut small strips of the masking tape and pressed my fingers across them to get rid of most of the stickiness. You want to try and apply it as flat to the nail as possible so that none of the top colour leaks underneath. I applied Seventeen’s ‘Orange Soda’ for my geometric french manicure. At first you might think these two colours together are a little off, but the orange has a soft pastel pop to it. It’s not quite the larey luminous orange and really compliments the violet. Pop your feet up, get someone to make you a cuppa (It’s ok to use the “oh go on, my nails are drying” excuse) and enjoy the peace as you let your top colour dry completely. Carefully remove the tape once this is so. Sometimes I’m left with a slight ridge where the colour has built up next to the tape, but a good coat of clear on top will smooth this out no problem. Here is how my nail design turned out.



Excuse the rain drops on my nails in the first two pictures, the hazard of outdoor photography in Britain. You can create this style with a multitude of colours. From light complimentary colours, to two bold clashing polishes, even a diagonal hit of glitter will work. Go on, give it a try 🙂

I did buy these polishes last year so sadly I can only find them on eBay now. However there is a lot of other brands at the moment that have gorgeous pastel and candy coloured collections, so here are a few that you can take a peak at.

Models Own’s Fruit Pastel collection. They have the colours ‘Grape Juice’ and ‘Strawberry Tart’ which are similar to the ones I have. – £4 each

Barry M’s Nail Paint collection also have similar colours with ‘Berry Ice Cream’ and ‘Peach Melba’ – £2 each

Seventeen’s Lasting Fix Nail Colour in ‘Clear’ – £2.99 My go to top coat at the moment.


Hope you have enjoyed this summery design.



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