Colour Run Inspired French Manicure

Today in London was the Dulux 5k Colour Run. If you haven’t heard of this, basically you compete in a 5k race around Wembley Park and people throw various bright coloured powders at you as you run by. How awesome is that!!! I’m well up for taking part in this some day. I love a good race that has a little quirky twist to it, makes things a little more interesting.

I thought I would use this colourful day as inspiration for today’s manicure. A bright multicoloured french manicure to be precise. I did have a coffee today, which is very rare for me as I’m a total tea fiend, but I thought I’d grab a frappe latte as I strolled through the park in the sunshine. This was probably not my best idea when I knew I would be painting my nails this afternoon. It left both my hands a little on the shaky side, so I was a little worried how the french tips would turn out. May have taken a little longer than planned but hey, all worked out in the end. Take a peak…



As the sun actually graced us with its warm presence this weekend I thought I would use an array of bright colours.


Seventeen’s Lasting Fix Nail Polish in ‘Mint Choc Chip’, which is a bit of an odd name because I’d say it was more of a blue colour.

Seventeen’s Lasting Fix Nail Polish in ‘Orange Soda’

Seventeen’s Lasting Fix Nail Polish in ‘Parma Violet’

TopShop’s Nail Polish in ‘Daydream’ – £5

Barry M’s Nail Paint in ‘Mint’. Now that is a colour I would describe as mint. – £2.99

Hope you’ve all had a sunny relaxing weekend.



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