Fresh as a Daisy

Last weekend I traveled home for a long overdue visit to see my friends and family. I hadn’t seem them in months so I was really excited about seeing all their beautiful faces. I went to a housewarming BBQ which actually turned into a surprise wedding reception. My friend’s Mum and her partner Mark have spent the last 7 years building their dream home from scratch, mostly doing it all themselves with the help of friends and family. They bought this plot of land, knocked down the old fishing house and built from the foundations upwards. Saturday was to be their big house-warming party, allowing us all to enjoy their hard work. Friday afternoon my friend was meeting up with the rest of her family for dinner, with a strong feeling her Mum and Mark were going to announce that they were engaged. They have been together for around 12 years but have always dismissed the idea of getting married. Well their announcement was that they had got married that very morning to everyones delight. My friend and her family were thrilled for them. The BBQ then turned into an amazing casual wedding reception for them both, just with close friends and family. The weather couldn’t have been better either! It was a wonderful celebration.

Check out the views from the top balcony.


I have known these girls for many many years and I love that we can all be so busy with our lives but when we get together its like we only saw each other yesterday. We chat, we laugh and dance around the same way we did when we were still in college. We are growing up, but it is exciting to hear all about the new things happening in their lives. Some of my friends have new homes of their own, one is newly married with a bubba on the way, one has been travelling and is settling back into English life and starting new job opportunities and it was great to hear they are all doing so well.

So on the Sunday we chilled out after maybe one too many rum and cokes and caught up with my Mum, my Brother and my Sister-in-Law. As we relaxed in the garden and whilst my fella snoozed off the remainder of his hangover I decided to paint my nails in a style that would reflect my weekend. Blue sky, sitting in gardens surround my flowers…blue daisy nails it is then. Apologies for my photo quality in this post, I had to leave my Canon in London due to lack of room on the bike, so my Iphone had to do.

I found the most amazing thing in boots the other day. Barry M have a Matte Nail Paint Top Coat!!! So instead of buying matte nail polishes I can make any of my colours matte with this beauty. I decided to try it out with this design. For my base coat I used Seventeen’s lasting fix in Mint Choc Chip and for the flowers I used a combination of Barry M’s Nail Paint in White and Seventeen’s Quicker Slicker colour in Lemon Tart.



Once the lovely sky blue coat had dried I took a scrap bit of newspaper and poured a little bit of the white on there. You don’t need loads but this is just easier than trying to get it from the polish bottle. You take a pin, and dip the flat top into the white. Make five white blobs in a circle on your nail. As I have rather large nails I can fit between two to three daisies per nail. Once you have placed all the daisy petals on one nail, wipe the excess of the top of the pin. Place the pin into the middle of one of the blobs (not too heavy) and sweep the pin into the centre of the group of dots. This will create a petal effect. Do this for each of the petals for each of the daisies. Once all your petals are complete wipe the top of the pin clean and pour a little bit of yellow nail polish onto the newspaper. Dot on yellow nail polish to the centre of all your daisies. Allow this to dry completely before adding a top coat to seal your daisies in. Here is where I used the matte top coat for my nails. I loved the end result, they looked slightly like nail stickers. The flat end of a pin is really handy as a dotting tool for nail art. Next time I’ll try to do more of a step by step guide in photos for you all.

What do you think?


I’m off back to my hometown next weekend for another housewarming celebration with my friends, this will also be a birthday celebration for the new home owner so should be a good laugh. It’ll be just after 4th July…mmm maybe Independence Day themed nails next week guys and girls?


Barry M Nail Paint in White – £2.99

Barry M Matte Nail Paint Top Coat – £2.99

Seventeen’s Quicker Slicker Colour in Mint Choc Chip (seems to be the same as the old Lasting Fix polish) – £2.99

Seventeen’s Quicker Slicker Colour in Lemon Tart – £2.99

Hope you enjoyed my little weekend breeze. Until next time.




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