Chevron French Manicure

Today I produced two looks for my newly short nails. My first look is a lovely simple chevron design that isn’t too in your face but adds a subtle shine to your nails.


I decide to use Seventeen’s Lasting Fix Nail Colour in ‘Silver Kisses’ for the shimmery chevrons. I cut 20 little strips of tape, 2 for each finger, and had my tweezers at the ready for taking them off. I find using tweezers to remove the tape a lot easier once your nails are covered. I placed the strips on to my nails to create this chevron design and then added a few generous coats of this silvery pink hue. I peeled the tape off when the polish was still wet to create nice clean edges. You can either leave your nails like this or add a little drama to the ends.


Once this design had fully dried I decided to try giving my self a negative french manicure. I applied Seventeen’s Sparkly black nail colour to the tips. For some reason this polish doesn’t have a name on the bottle. I found this a little more difficult than usual as my nails are a lot shorter than I’m used to. My nails got a little ruined whilst hiking and camping in Ireland. This design reminds me a bit of a tuxedo, would just need to add buttons and bow tie I think hehe.


What do you think? I would love to try this design again but with bolder more contrasting colours. I feel this would give it more of a wow factor.


Seventeen’s Lasting Fix Nail Colour in ‘Silver Kisses’ – £2.99 

Hope you enjoyed my two little designs today.



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