Candy Coloured Nails

Well hello there,

I fancied doing something a little more weird and wonderful this week. I’m still trying to get perfect crisp lines using scotch tape so I thought that I would continue to practice and incorporate this into an edged design. I’ve gone for a bright, contrasting colour palette with a touch of sparkle.

The colours I have gone for today are:


After giving my nails a little tidy up with a nail file I gave them 3 good coats of the Seventeen’s Lemon Tart. Because of it’s light colour, I found I needed to add that extra coat to give it a nice solid look.  I let my bright summery nails dry whilst I caught up on a cheeky bit of Hollyoaks (don’t judge me!) and a quick cuppa.

Once these coats had dried I generously applied the Barry M glitter polish to my ring fingers. Man I do love this polish! The bits of glitter are random sizes and shapes which creates this awesome mosaic effect. These pieces really catch the light. You may also need a couple of coats of this to get a full glittery coverage.

Make sure the yellow coat is completely dry before applying strips of scotch tape. If it is still slightly damp, you risk ruining the yellow side of your nails. With small strips of tape, I applied them to alternate sides of my nails. So each nail would have the yellow and purple of different sides. Apply the Parma Violet polish to the uncovered side of your nails, make sure you go right up to the edges and along the tape. With two coats applied, use tweezers to remove the tape whilst the polish is still wet. This should give you nice clean edges. My tape sadly wasn’t stuck down 100% in certain places, so parts of my lines are a little wavy. Practice makes perfect.

Allow this new purple coat to dry before applying a top coat of matte polish. I’m still addicted to this mattifying top coat. It just creates a lovely soft finish to your nails. Ta Da…



There you go, crazy candy coloured nails for the week ahead. Rain or shine, these digits will sure brighten things up a bit.

Hope you have enjoyed my colourful nails for this week 😀 I have included links of where to buy each of the polishes I have used today. Apologies for the lack of a Parma Violet link, this polish isn’t available anymore but there are many other brands that are selling similar colours.



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