Prepping My Peepers for the Day Ahead

I have three staple looks when it comes to my eye make up. Time often dictates which look I choose to go for. When I say time, I mean how many times I choose to hit my snooze button before I know I really really should drag myself out of bed and make myself look presentable. My au natural days at work are usually a clear sign I hit that button one too many times.

1. My usual look involves lining my upper lid with black liquid liner avec chic flick at the end, paired with nude lips. Stylish yet simple.

2. If I’m feeling in the mood to go bold in the lip department with a fuchsia pink or a femme fatale red I like to keep my eyes simple with just a coat of mascara on my upper and lower lashes.

3. My third staple look is with my Naked II palette (which I looooooove), however I find this palette is a little too fancy for an average working day. I want to save its colours for just special occasions and nights out.

I was on the look out for a more natural eye shadow palette, one that wasn’t too shimmery but also not so subtle that I might as well not have anything on at all. I heard about a palette called ‘Wet n Wild colour icon eyeshadow trio in ‘Walking on Eggshells’ ‘ (what a mouthful of a name) and thought I would look it up. Wet n Wild is an American based cosmetics brand, however a lot of their products are sold on Amazon so it was really easy to find and order. It was such a bargain as well, I just couldn’t say no.

It promptly turned up and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I had to be careful with the first application as I hadn’t taken any photos yet and didn’t want to muck up the cute writing engraved in each shadow. It couldn’t have been easier to use.


Marked with ‘eyelid’ is a lovely soft pink. I was a little worried at first as pink eyeshadow often doesn’t suit my colouring, however this tone was a more beigey pink and had a hint of shimmer which complimented my pale skin nicely.

The second colour is a soft mocha brown that will help define the eyes. After placing it in the crease of my eye, I also applied it to the outer third of my eyelid and took it down to my lower lash line, again about a third of the way in. This just added a little more depth.

The last colour is a light cream colour to help highlight your brow bone. After sweeping it across this area I also dabbed a little to the inside corner of my eye, just to give my peepers a little healthy glow. I then used the softer brush to blend where the colours met so I wasn’t left with any harsh lines. The texture of these colours are ever so slightly creamy, They sweep on really evenly and give a nice coverage. It is subtle, but that’s exactly what I wanted from this.


I was a little dubious at first as I have had experiences in the past, where the brand had sacrificed on quality because it was selling the product at such a low price. I was worried this would be another crumbly shadow that wouldn’t last five minutes on my eyelids and would never see the light of day again after being discarded to the back of the cave that is my makeup draw. Luckily I was proven wrong by this product. I would definitely recommend it as a go to natural eye colour palette.

I finished the look off with a nice even coat of mascara after curling my lashes, applied a hint of blusher to my cheekbones and added a bit of peach coloured balm to my lips. Voila, I’m ready for the day ahead. So easy to do, this palette just takes the effort out of creating a soft natural everyday look.


If you are from America you can find this product in a lot of stores which are listed on their website. Or you can find it online here: – $2.99 not including tax

If you are not able to find this brand in stores like myself you can find them on this amazon site: – £2.99 plus £3.19 delivery in the UK.

I’m definitely going to have a little browse at their other products. They seem so compact they would be really handy for when I go travelling next year.

Hope you have enjoyed my first beauty product review.