Too Soon?

I am counting down the days. No…not until Christmas. This is related to that holiday but this magical day comes ever so slightly sooner. Only 18 days to go people…18 days before we can all dig out and dust off our collection of Christmas jumpers! YES!


What do you mean you don’t have a collection of Christmas jumpers? What…you don’t OWN a Christmas jumper?! Wow you are missing out my friend, on this joyous, festive item!

If you have read my ‘Little Old Me’ page you will know that I’m a sucker for an awesome looking jumper. I am often mocked for my strange love for this item of clothing. A lot of girls are shoe or bag fanatics, but me, I love jumpers in all their forms. From crazy prints, unusual styles to just a plain old comfy jumper. The king of all jumpers has to be…the Christmas style pullover of course!

I have one or two that are just desperate to make their annual appearance.  However, whilst waiting for some work to render, I thought I would peruse the H&M website to see what new items they have in. H&M is always a winner when it comes to jumpers and cardigans. Good quality, good fit and still a reasonable price.

Just look at these beauties I found online…


Ah I want them all!


I am definitely tempted by the middle navy jumper for this season. It’s a classic print with the traditional top third coverage. I just love the combination of wintery colours that would go really well with various coloured jeans that I own. Pair this with ankle booties, a cute bobble hat and a warm winter mac and a jobs a good’un.

I know the Mickey Mouse print and the My Little Pony design aren’t exactly screaming CHRISTMAS, but hey they are still magic based and what is Christmas without a little magic! I seem to be drawn to Mickey Mouse designs lately. I am currently typing this whilst sitting in my mickey mouse print pj leggings from Primark. Suuuppper comfy! I just love the ensemble that the model is wearing. Mixing the monochrome Disney print with a red checkered shirt underneath. Just seems to work!

Who says jumpers are just for day time ay?! Mixing two of my favourite things: jumpers and the colour green. I would wear this jumper to a December date night or to a festive jaunt to the pub after work on a Friday. I love that it’s still casual but the subtle sparkle dresses it up a little. Perfect for the up and coming festive season. I would definitely team this with skinny black jeans, heeled boots, a simple long necklace and a clutch bag. I would keep the accessories minimalistic so they don’t clash too much with the jumper.

I can’t wait to have a little look around the shops to scout out the new wintery christmas stock. Won’t be long before I’ll have to start thinking about Christmas shopping. Ah I love this time of year! If it wasn’t for the constant rain, then this would be my favourite time of year for sure!!

You guys got your Christmas attire at the ready? Not long now!

Just remember:

A jumper is for life, not just for Christmas.”

Erm…unless it’s a Christmas jumper.




Dear Santa Jumper – £14.99

Green Pattern Knit Jumper – £29.99

My Little Pony Jumper – £19.99

Navy Jacquard Knit Jumper – £19.99

Reindeer Jumper – £24.99

Mickey Mouse Print Jumper – £12.99

Red Snowflake Jumper – £14.99





My 5 Fashion Loves this Week

Oh Pinterest! My procrastination station. “Just one more pin and then I’ll do something.” “Just one more hit!” To say Pinterest is addictive is an understatement and I’m pretty sure you will agree with me. It’s the little devil on my shoulder when it comes to my shopping habit too. But I do love it. I find it is a great source of inspiration for many things in my life, from fashion to baking to illustration.

Do you find that you get a look, or an item of clothing on the brain and before you know it you notice that your last 10 pins are all based on that item. Well here are a few looks/items in the fashion world that I’m loving at the moment and I thought I would share. The rain may be crashing down on us but I can’t help but stare off out of the window and dream of the approaching summer……

1. Pom Pom Shorts

I fell in love with these last year but struggled to find them in the shops until now. Who doesn’t love a good clothing item with a few pom poms here and there. Why just a few, why not line your shorts with them?! I have just purchased a watermelon print pair from ASOS, which are lined with these fuzzy balls of fun. I will have to take some pictures soon to show you all. I think the idea is super cute and I have seen a lot of pairs around that are made up of really gorgeous prints.

pom pom shorts
pom pom shorts2


2. Unusual necklaces

This isn’t just a new love for me. I have always been attracted to the unusual when it come to jewelry in general, but a good statement necklace can really add something to a plain top or dress. They catch people’s eyes and I like that idea. I found these beauties of Pinterest and love their simplicity but quirkiness.


The dangley legs on the flamingo necklace makes me laugh, especially the detail of having one leg slightly shorter than the other to make it appear as though its resting. This is sadly just a dream necklace for me as it is $265. wow! But I wonder if there are any similar copies out there?! I shall have to keep my eyes peeled for one.

Deer antler necklaces have been around for a while now but I still can’t help but take a fancy to them. They create such interesting shapes.

I adore the idea of this minimalist compass style necklace as I have a slight fear of getting lost. Stupid I know, I’ve had it since I was little. This improved slightly after 6 weeks of travelling in S.E.Asia but it’s still there.

3. Kimonos

OMG these are just the most beautiful things. White tshirt and jeans…add a colourful kimono and BAM, mega stylish outfit! I took to these last year and managed to get two MAJOR Topshop bargains on eBay last spring for that summer. I wore them a lot and I’m so glad to see they have become very fashionable this summer! They are everywhere in the shops and I have to admit that I did buy one more recently to add to my collection. It’s been hard to resist all the gorgeous patterns, but I think three is enough for one girl. Well for one girl who is supposed to be saving anyway, you guys, knock yourselves out with them. I may do a little photo shoot with mine soon, so keep an eye out.


4. Pointed pumps

The summer arrives, the temperature rises slightly (even if it is just for a couple of days, just to lure you into a false sense of security) and suddenly you are hit with the dilemma. Your feet are still in winter mode. Your toenails aren’t painted and all you seem to have in decent condition are boots. Is it warm enough for sandals yet? That’s why I’m loving the look of these pointed ballet flats. I’m not a major fan of the rounded ballet flats, only because they remind me of the shoes I used to wear to school many moons ago. These pointed ones seem a bit more stylish and are still toe hiding friendly. I’m on a major hunt for these bad boys at the moment, with wide feet and a size 7 it can be difficult. Yes I have big feet to match my big hands HA HA.

mint pumps

I think these striped ones are in New Look down the road from my office so I may have to have a cheeky lunch time shopping peruse. Shhhh! Mmmm I forgot my fella follows my blog, so no hiding my shopping habits. My feet need them :p

5. Oversized knitted cardigans

Ok so they are slightly similar to the whole kimono love but I seem to always run cold and these come in handy. Even in the summer time, as soon as the sun hides behind a singular lone cloud, or when the sun starts to descend in the sky, I get that chill. I do really like the idea of a comfy oversized knit thrown over a cute summery dress or over a strappy top and shorts. Just a little something to cover your shoulders and take the edge off the breeze. I find them a bit edgier than a tight fitted waist length cardigan. I recently purchased a staple black one from H&M the other day that I can’t get enough of. It goes with everything and is so so comfy and warm. I wouldn’t mind getting a paler creamy colour one to go with more neutral toned outfits.



So these are my 5 fashion loves for the week. These images are from my Pinterest board so I can’t take credit for any of them, however I shall list their locations below in case you are interested in having a browse. What 5 fashion loves are you repeatedly pinning at the moment?


Right I better get on with the houseworrrrr….pin…….oooo pin that….


Palm Leaf Pom Pom Shorts – Handmade to order from Etsy

Black and White Pom Pom Shorts – Image source from

Flamingo Pendant Gold Necklace – Can be purchased from

Deer Antlers Necklace – Sourced from

Compass Necklace – Souced from

Green Floral Kimono – Sadly sold out but you can find a lot of similar ones around. This particular one is from

White Floral Kimono – No Source Found

Mint Green Pumps – Sourced from

Black and White Striped Pumps- Can be found at New Look for £15.99 – don’t be buying up all the size 7’s please hehe

All the beautiful pumps – These can be bought from for $21.20 each

Beige Cardigan – Sourced from

Pair of Cardigans – For the life of me I can not find the image on my Pinterest board again. Ha ha there’s so many! Sorry