Fancy Dress Fun Times – The Spooky Edition

Now I’m a girl who loves any excuse for a chance to play dress up! It allows me to stretch my creative muscles and to embody someone/something else for the evening. For one party I went as a dinosaur within a cardboard/paper mached Jurassic Park jeep!! That is why I bloody love Halloween. Even the bah humbug Scrooges of the fancy dress world come out to play. I know Halloween usually involves the usual costumes: black cats, vampires, skeletons, but hey…why mess with the classics?! You can take these original ideas and add your own touch to them to make them unique.

Sadly I have no parties to attend this year but I think me and the fella may stay in, throw some scary films on the tv, carve some pumpkins and paint our faces! Painting faces is always a must! I thought I would put together a little post for those who may need some last minute ideas for this coming all hallows eve.



With this skeleton theme you could go three ways with this: full on get up, just the artistic face, or rock a skeletal outfit. If you don’t feel comfortable with your whole face painted, you could don a skeletal themed outfit like this adorable ASOS dress. If I were to wear this I would also go for a 90’s style black choker like in the photo, black nail polish and some chunky blocked heeled boots for sure. This swing dress is really cute and fun and would make a nice causal house party style outfit.

I think I would probably go with choice number two. I would go with a cool black outfit, which means I could wear it again over the festive period. I would either go for a long floaty black dress, or something like this gorgeous ASOS strapless jumpsuit. With this jumpsuit you would be able to accentuate your makeup by bringing it down to your chest like the images at the bottom there. I have actually used these images before as reference when painting my friend Luke’s face a couple of years back. The shapes are quite simple but it’s all about the blending to get those deep hollow shadows.

ASOS Scuba Bandeau Jumpsuit with Peg Leg – £40.00

ASOS Halloween Skeleton Heart Swing Dress – £22.00




I like using items of clothing for costumes that I already own or buy pieces that I would like to wear again on other occasions. With saving to travel at the moment this is a must for me. With this vampire look you could use many different items that you probably already own in your wardrobe. Velvet items, LBDs, Skinny jeans, anything red or black really. I fell in love with this sexy little velvet lace crop top from River Island. You could team this with ripped skinny jeans, or leather trousers for a sexy femme fatale look. Again I would wear this with chunky block heeled boots and accessorise with Halloweeny themed jewellery. I also found this amazing knit dress from Nasty Gal that has this fun red lip print, I thought this would also be a good choice for a vampire theme.

I love the really creepy style makeup there on the bottom left. Teamed with some faux fangs this would certainly win in the heebie jeebie stakes. Or you could also go down the sultry road with smokey eyes, winged eyeliner and team this with deep red lips. This would work really well with the velvet cami and jeans look.

Nasty Gal Kiss and Tell Knit Dress – £48.48

River Island Red Velvet Lace Cami Top – £22

River Island Black Ripped Knee Lana Superskinny Jeans – £35


Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)


This is one of the themes I am toying with this year. I would love to create a colourful style face design like the image just above. I love the intricate swirls along with the bold eye designs. Nick has painted this style on me before a couple of years ago, which was fun. This costume is all about the face, the floaty dress and the flowers. There are many images out there on the interweb that you can use as reference for the face painting design. The main features are the dark eyes ringed with circular patterns, the forehead and chin designs and the delicate skull features woven in.

To finish off your facial masterpiece you’ll need flowers and the bigger the better. Loose messy hair with some floral detailing. You can find many floral hair accessories around in the stores but I chose to add this purple wild rose crown, made by Stephanieverafter, to the image collection. I came across this company when I joined The Blogger Programme and watched some of the ‘Blogger Box Openings’ on YouTube. This name kept popping up so I took a look at the site. I thought her crown pieces would be perfect for such a costume. I loved this purple colour, very Halloween.

ASOS Jarlo Sienna Maxi Dress with Lace Hem Insert – £22.00

H&M – Long lace dress – £29.99

Stephanieverafter – Purple Wild Rose Crown Amethyst – £14.00 




Okay so the images I have above aren’t quite the big green fluffy kind, but I thought that if you wanted to go as something a little different, something fun which doesn’t require hours of paper macheing or spending your Halloween evening sweating in a monster onesie, this could be a more playful and girly alternative. Ok I am in love with this monster tshirt and clutch bag!!! Look at their little faces. I would actually wear/use these other times apart from Halloween. You could team this tshirt with anything from a black bodycon midi skirt to leather leggings to denim shorts. So many options with this fun top. I would definitely team this black ensemble with these vibrant monster themed nails. As for your makeup, you could go as crazy and creative as you want, you are monster after all. I quite like this messy, distressed glitter look with bright polished lips.

ASOS Cropped Boyfriend T-shirt with Halloween Monster Face Print – £12.00

ASOS Halloween Monster Face Clutch Bag – £15.00

House Of Holland Nails By Elegant Touch – Mental Monsters – £7.99

Porcelain Doll


Last year I went to a Halloween party as a broken porcelain doll, as you can see from the top right hand picture. There’s Nick in his awesome homemade Frankenstein’s Monster costume! He even had a mug to match. I wore a very 70s style shift dress that I bought from Primark many moons ago and tied some black ribbon around the waist to bring it in. I teamed this with black lace up heels, frilly ankle socks and a skull bow headband that I bought from H&M. I used bright purple eyeshadows for my doll eyes, teamed with false eyelashes on both my upper and lower lashes. I applied a generous amount of bright pink eyeshadow to my cheeks and placed red lipstick to just the centre of my lips to give me that delicate doll look. To finish the whole costume I carefully painted black crack marks across my face and then used white paint to add highlights. This gave the cracks more dimension.

These are some of the images I took inspiration from for that night. I found these dresses and thought they would work really well for a doll outfit. The shift style dresses really seem to work well for this costume idea as they kind of create a girly girl, dainty look.

ASOS Free People Cami Slip Dress with Lace Detail – £78.00

Missguided Bibi Chiffon Smock Dress Navy Floral – £19.99

Missguided Berangaria Black Caged Sleeves Swing Dress – £24.99

Missguided Agatha Oversized Smock Dress Daisy Print – £24.99

I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to dress up as yet…something that involves some coooool face painting and makeup I think! Do you know what you’re going to be yet? If not I hope this may have given you some inspiration. How about sending me your cool Halloween looks this weekend?! YEAH!

Have fun guys and ghouls!



Prepping My Peepers for the Day Ahead

I have three staple looks when it comes to my eye make up. Time often dictates which look I choose to go for. When I say time, I mean how many times I choose to hit my snooze button before I know I really really should drag myself out of bed and make myself look presentable. My au natural days at work are usually a clear sign I hit that button one too many times.

1. My usual look involves lining my upper lid with black liquid liner avec chic flick at the end, paired with nude lips. Stylish yet simple.

2. If I’m feeling in the mood to go bold in the lip department with a fuchsia pink or a femme fatale red I like to keep my eyes simple with just a coat of mascara on my upper and lower lashes.

3. My third staple look is with my Naked II palette (which I looooooove), however I find this palette is a little too fancy for an average working day. I want to save its colours for just special occasions and nights out.

I was on the look out for a more natural eye shadow palette, one that wasn’t too shimmery but also not so subtle that I might as well not have anything on at all. I heard about a palette called ‘Wet n Wild colour icon eyeshadow trio in ‘Walking on Eggshells’ ‘ (what a mouthful of a name) and thought I would look it up. Wet n Wild is an American based cosmetics brand, however a lot of their products are sold on Amazon so it was really easy to find and order. It was such a bargain as well, I just couldn’t say no.

It promptly turned up and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I had to be careful with the first application as I hadn’t taken any photos yet and didn’t want to muck up the cute writing engraved in each shadow. It couldn’t have been easier to use.


Marked with ‘eyelid’ is a lovely soft pink. I was a little worried at first as pink eyeshadow often doesn’t suit my colouring, however this tone was a more beigey pink and had a hint of shimmer which complimented my pale skin nicely.

The second colour is a soft mocha brown that will help define the eyes. After placing it in the crease of my eye, I also applied it to the outer third of my eyelid and took it down to my lower lash line, again about a third of the way in. This just added a little more depth.

The last colour is a light cream colour to help highlight your brow bone. After sweeping it across this area I also dabbed a little to the inside corner of my eye, just to give my peepers a little healthy glow. I then used the softer brush to blend where the colours met so I wasn’t left with any harsh lines. The texture of these colours are ever so slightly creamy, They sweep on really evenly and give a nice coverage. It is subtle, but that’s exactly what I wanted from this.


I was a little dubious at first as I have had experiences in the past, where the brand had sacrificed on quality because it was selling the product at such a low price. I was worried this would be another crumbly shadow that wouldn’t last five minutes on my eyelids and would never see the light of day again after being discarded to the back of the cave that is my makeup draw. Luckily I was proven wrong by this product. I would definitely recommend it as a go to natural eye colour palette.

I finished the look off with a nice even coat of mascara after curling my lashes, applied a hint of blusher to my cheekbones and added a bit of peach coloured balm to my lips. Voila, I’m ready for the day ahead. So easy to do, this palette just takes the effort out of creating a soft natural everyday look.


If you are from America you can find this product in a lot of stores which are listed on their website. Or you can find it online here: – $2.99 not including tax

If you are not able to find this brand in stores like myself you can find them on this amazon site: – £2.99 plus £3.19 delivery in the UK.

I’m definitely going to have a little browse at their other products. They seem so compact they would be really handy for when I go travelling next year.

Hope you have enjoyed my first beauty product review.