Meet Lily


So this adorable, people stopping, cheeky little dog is the lovely Lily. She is a 6-year-old shih tzu and belongs to my fella’s parents. She lives in the countryside with two other gorgeous boisterous boy dogs. Get ready for some out loud “awwwwww”s people because she is a cutie.



She doesn’t look 6 does she?! As you can see from the picture below, when his Dad first brought her home she was just this teeny tiny ball of fluff that you could fit in your hand. OH MY GOD I can’t stop pulling gooey girly faces when ever I look at this picture. In the voice of Agnes from Despicable Me “She’s so fluffy!”

She has slightly skewiffy eyes, but this just makes me love her even more.

blackn whit

As it was bank holiday weekend, and we both didn’t have to work, we took the opportunity to bring her up to London to stay with us for the long weekend. We treated it as a little holiday for her, she would have our undivided attention and would be pampered and fussed over. I even gave up my new beanbag for her to sleep on…ok she kind of just took it over but who am I to chuck her off it.

We were so lucky to have glorious sunshine for the first two days, so taking her for long walks around the common was fun. We let her off the lead once she was away from any roads and she loved it. She would look around and when we were ahead she would gallop, literally bound along, to catch us up and then steam ahead. She wouldn’t go far before she would stop and wait for us to carry on past her. This cycle continued for most of the walks.


At her home she would often take great pleasure in running up to crows and pigeons and scaring the bejeebers out of them. As we crossed the common she spotted a crowd of crows just lounging mid field. She was off! Ears flapping in the wind, tongue hanging out of her mouth, she took forth towards the huddle. Now London crows aren’t quite the same as country crows. Tolerant after being chased many times by children and other dogs, these hardy crows did not even flinch when she came near. As she approached the usual scaring boundary, she froze! She looked around to us as if to say “why are they not flying away?” The crows just stared at her, giving her the “come at me!” eyes. Lily retreated and bounded back to the safety of us. No bird scaring for Lily this weekend.

I was testing out a new potential lens (50mm prime lens) for my Canon 550D and she was the perfect model as you can see.


We showed these pictures to my fella’s parents when we returned her and they were shocked to see her running about like a puppy. Lily likes to play the ‘small old dog’ card and often plods along on her walks to his mum’s frustration. Lily does make me laugh.

Apart from the walks, Lily was happy to relax in the comfort of the bean bag or snooze in the sun on our terrace. Enjoying the peace and quiet and a nice fuss every so often. I found it hard to do other things with this cutie pie plodding around the flat.

These two have definitely missed each other.


I miss having pets around. My ginger tom Milo lives with my Mum as he is a proper outdoors cat and I wouldn’t feel good about him roaming around the London streets near busy roads. I think my Mum would miss him too much as well now. Hopefully when I have a house to call my own and a job that doesn’t require me to be out for nearly 12 hours minimum everyday, we’ll have a little dog or cat…or both!

For now, having Lily visit on long weekends and going home to see Milo is enough to keep me dosed up on animal cuteness. Oh just to push you over the adorableness edge, here is a picture of Lily taken last Christmas. Man, just look at that face. You can just tell she is loving that outfit! hehe.




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